Ageing with liquid latex – from 21 to…50?

13 Mar

Here are the results of today’s work – ageing with liquid latex which has a great advantage of enabling young people to use their nan’s bus pas!

ageing - fresh face

fresh faced and waiting for my face to be stretched and covered in latex

We started with a fresh face. We then applied two layers of liquid latex onto stretched sections of skin, which were then dried and powdered. After a lenghty 3 hours or so, I ended up looking like this:

ageing - final stage 1

wrinkled up

I’d argue it’s impressive, and looking at myself I realised why women obsess so much about botox.

ageing final - 2

I’m not sure if in 30 years I will decide to voluntarily stick needles into my face, but I was glad to mentally prepare myself for what might become of it!

peeling the latex

peeling off...

It was then time to regain my youthful looks and peel the latex off. It looks more dramatic than it felt.

peeling off 2

…Although it did help me notice all the unsightly facial hair I have never paid any attention to.

forehead peel

peeling it off naturally took less time than it did to carefully apply it all.

all make-up off

…and after a few minutes, we were back to where we started, although my skin might need a rest until I let Chris and his make-up kit near it.

final result of ageing

SO there you have it – from 21 to (at least) middle age and back again in a matter of hours. For more info on ageing with liquid latex, drop us a line!

til’ next time,

Crooked Cork Productions


One Response to “Ageing with liquid latex – from 21 to…50?”

  1. Roberto Galea March 20, 2011 at 7:23 pm #

    Damn, that’s a good effect!

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